Sunday, June 3, 2007

Why am I always so afraid?

I went out to California in Feb of this year to meet my biological siblings for the first time. The visit went well and phone calls later went find as well. Then the lull! My brother Greg dropped out of sight, phone tag insued and there were vague messages that he had been sick. He wasn't returning my phone calls, what was up!

As usual I went into denial for awhile and tried to ignore the situation. At times it would cross my mind and the fear would hit. Had I said something? Had I done something? Well I called him from the car yesterday on my way down to visit my kids and grandson and he answered the phone! Guess they are having to move. He's having problems with his kids. Why do I always think its me? Why am I still so afraid of rejection?


canary said...

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Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

All the time, afraid of rejection. I hear that!

Yvette Porter Moore said...

I so know how you feel as I have found my birth family. With some members there is a connection and with others it is total rejection.

I also found my brother's birth family, and my heart can not handle anymore rejection especially when it is not my own.